Taking startups to new heights

We'll explore collaborations with a handful of companies in the blockchain space. When engaging with projects, we look to provide value over a long term time horizon.

If you'd like to learn more, please use a mutual connection to warmly introduce your company. If this isn't possible, feel free to reach out via email to bvc@blockventure.com.


Introductions sent, 2017-2022

Tyler and Philip are the type of advisors you want on your side. They are hard working long term thinkers that will put their extensive network to work for you like true partners. The results of their work far exceeded our expectations.

Yonatan Sela, Co-Founder at Props (backed by Chris Dixon, USV, BlockTower, etc)
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Our Value Add

Build the future with us.


Entire departments are currently being built out to study blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Stay current with the top research and academic institutions. Tap into the curricula and grow your brand with the next generation of leaders in this space through an ambassador program, governance delegation, node distribution, case competition, or hackathon.


Most founders only experience fundraising 1-2 times. Professional investors and venture capital funds play this game every day. Don't waste time spinning wheels and let raising money become a distraction. Unfortunately, it's often a game of asymmetric info between investors and founders. Learn what you need to do to be successful and receive warm introductions to the top VCs.

Go-to Market

We'll use proprietary and proven methods for developer acquisition, exchange listing, token distribution, and B2B partnerships. We sit in the middle of many key actors in the ecosystem, and we've had the privilege of seeing what works and what doesn't. Skip the learning curve and jumpstart your growth.