Building Web 3.0 through the internet's roots: universities

The Internet was invented when universities spun up nodes (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) to share research papers. This group became the first to adopt the TCP/IP protocol and became the foundation of what we now know was the Internet. We believe Web 3.0 will be launched in a similar way - based in research and academia.

Resource Driven

BlockVenture has taken a resource driven approach to education, curricula, and learning. Whether it's spinning up the first node at a university, hosting a $1m Bitcoin treasure hunt, or sponsoring reseach programs - we substantiate our talk with action.

Experiential Learning

First hand, we've seen the most successful way of bringing people into the space is through doing. We've found creative ways to engage with different groups and programs. The talent brewing at research programs is swelling year-by-year and backing them to chase their creative goals is a net-positive for the entire ecosystem.

Meet the team

Leveraging backgrounds in blockchain research, venture capital, and traditional finance, our team is dialed into the bleeding edge of blockchain technology.

Tyler Wellener

Tyler Wellener


Divergence Digital Currency.
Carnegie Mellon University.

Ariel Sanchez

Ariel Sanchezr

Operations Manager

M&A at Coca-Cola.
Pomp's Crypto Academy.
Emory MBA.

Yida Gao

Yida Gao


Forbes 30 Under 30 in VC.
GP at Shima Capital.
NEA Investor.
MIT & Stanford.