Meet the BlockVenture Coalition

Research driven.
Investor focused.

The BlockVenture Coalition is a research driven alliance of university blockchain groups and funds.

Who are we?

Our partners.


The Internet has its roots in academia. Similarly, students, researchers, and professors are driving the next wave of advancement in the blockchain space. We're looking to mentor and develop the most ripe demographic for adoption.

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We're fortunate to work with great investors who are identifying and building the next generation of unicorns. Capital is flowing into the space at a record pace. We're always excited to meet new investors and share deal flow or research.

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Top startups

Founders and bold leaders are constantly pushing what's possible. Crypto doesn't discriminate against your background. We'd love to hear from you and how you plan on changing the future.

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Our Reach

A global network, striving together, and changing the paradigm.

We pride ourselves on our vast and global network. We are headquartered in Miami. We're looking to grow the space forward over a 10+ year time horizon. Connect with us and join the revolution!

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